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Niche Websites (aka) themed internet sites) are web sites that are distinctly centered on one product, marketplace, theme, and market segment.


Just about all internet sites are themed. For instance the subject of the internet site could be about golf.


A niche internet site would be about golf irons or golf destinations making the theme is formulated to be very narrow and targeted.


Why Niche Websites?


The World Wide Web is huge, and almost every one is looking for information, or products about there particular passion. The World Wide Web uses search engines to retrieve that information for you. So for your web site to  become noticed on the World Wide Web you need to get found on the search engines.


People search the World Wide Web by typing words or phrases in the search bar. These words and phrases are recognized as keywords or keyword phrases. To get your internet site discovered it requires being on the first 3 pages of the search engine results page and preferably the first page for your website keywords.


As far as the possible visitor is concerned if he or she can’t find you on the 1st three pages you don’t exist! —so wont get that visitor.


Deciding on what your Website niche should be, will be determining factor to your success but you will not have to worry about that  we have already done the research for you on countless subjects and will give you suggestions on what to target.


Your selection of niche or will be the primary component in determining the easiness of accomplishing a high Website ranking. Without a high internet site ranking, it’s not likely to pull in free and or organic search engine traffic and therefore free visitors.


Niche Websites- The Benefits


By building an internet site grounded around an extremely targeted niche you cut down substantially the amount of competitors that you are competing against. This makes it less problematic to excel in the search engines: – example gets a good ranking (first three pages).


You require offsetting this by the reality that you also cut back the amount of possible visitors. All the same having a niche internet site means that the visitors to your internet site will in general have a greater interest in what you offer up, because your product, information or service is extremely aimed towards them.


Whenever you are marketing a product or service this means that your visitors are already pre-qualified to purchase. Therefore your conversion rate sales to visitors will be higher thus requiring fewer visitors for the same amount of sales!


There are a lot of people making $20 to $500 a day on niche websites, so for argument sakes you make $20 a day on a single Niche targeted website that would equal as below


$20 x 30 days = 600.00 per month off of 1 single niche site


But wait if you purchase 10 targeted niche sites you would make


$600 x 10 sites = $6000 per month or $72000 a year


With out ever lifting a finger! Imagine what you could do with that kind of extra money!!



So here are our targeted 2 page Niche packages

Package 1 Niche Site 5 Niche sites 10 Niche sites
Price per Site $249 $219 $199
Total Price $249 $1095 $1999
Savings $0 $150 $500
What is included 2 page niche site

Basic SEO

Keyword Research 1 hr

Affiliate prg. reg 2 page niche site

Basic SEO

Keyword Research 1 hr

Affiliate prg. reg 2 page niche siteBasic SEO

Keyword Research 1 hr

Affiliate prg. reg

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