Blog Carnival Submissions are one of the best ways to perform white hat SEO. Your site is submitted to various carnivals at Then, people read over your posts and feature them on their blogs if your post was of good quality and fits within the theme of the site. This gives you on topic backlinks from quality blogs and sites (some of our articles submitted have even been featured on and gives you exposure to the blogosphere. SEO wise, this is probably the most white hat thing you can do for your blogs.

Our team takes each submission very seriously and goes through each of the carnivals to see if it’s a match. Since carnival owners read through each post, it’s important to make sure that your blog post is only submitted to the relevant carnivals so that it doesn’t get banned from future submissions. We take great care in doing this and only submit to carnivals which are related to your website.
Since the number of carnivals is limited, how many carnivals your blog gets submitted to depends on the topic. Popular topics such as finance or relationships will get submitted to many more carnivals than less popular ones like poker or gambling. It is advisable to submit around one post per blog per week to make the maximum use out of this service.
Each blog post is submitted to between 20-100 carnivals in general and you’ll receive an email confirmation for each carnival we submit to.

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PKGBCSA Blog Carnival Submission
Your site will be submitted to all relevant carnivals.
Completion Time: ~3 Days $35

PKGBCSB Blog Carnival Submission – 1 Month
Your site will be submitted to all relevant carnivals for one month. We will submit 1 post per week so please make sure you’ve written 4 new posts during the month.
Completion Time: ~ 1 Month(s) $150

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